Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Baby Pictures

Madison is growing up so fast. She already weighs over 12 lbs. How strange it is to have a baby that actually has some baby rolls. We are loving every minute of it! Alisha and Troy took some awesome pictures of our little Maddy. Here they are...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Both My Little Buddies

Oh my goodness!! Everything at my house has been really hectic since school started on August 25th. It has been crazy trying to get 2 kids out of the house in the morning. Surprisingly, I have not been late a single day yet. I was so worried; I thought for sure that I would be late at least the first week.
I am so proud of my husband. He went to CSI last week and started taking the tests in order to get his GED. He took the last test yesterday and we are still waithing to hear how he did. I'm sure that he did just great. He did so well on all of the other tests that he only needed to score 410 out of a possible 800 points on this last test, so I'm not too worried.
Jason decided to go and get his GED so that he could join the army. It would be a great opportunity for our family. We would all have health insurance, which is a big incentive itself, and Jason would be making more money than he is now. We would also be able to see some of the world. If everything goes as planned, Jason will be leaving for bootcamp by the end of this month or the first of next month. My goodness!! Everything is moving so fast-it's nuts!! Jason would be gone at basic training and AIT for about 4 months and then when he got home we would be moving wherever he got stationed. I'm very excited for Jason. I don't think I've ever seen him so excited about anything. However, I'm also very nervous to be here alone with a two year old and a new baby and school. I'm very thankful that we live so close to family. Anyway, please cross your fingers and say a little prayer for Jason. He is so stokedand has been working so hard to get everything in order. I hope everything turns out well.